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Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados
"Where To Shop In The Island's Capital"

Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados, the capital of the island, is an obvious choice for visiting tourists as it is the commercial centre of the island. Located along the south western coast of the island, the population of this island capital is approximately 80,000 and is home to many of the island's landmarks including The Barbados Parliament Buildings.

Often referred to by locals as simply "Town", Bridgetown Barbados has an array of shops usually open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to midday on Saturdays. No need to worry, shopping in Bridgetown Barbados for visitors is easy since most major credit cards are widely accepted and most hotels offer a free shuttle bus to and from the island capital.  

To Beginning Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados You Have To Get There!

Bridgetown Barbados is really easy to get to no matter which part of the island you are traveling from. As I just mentioned, for those of you staying at hotels most offer guests a complimentary shuttle service to the capital.  However if you have hired a rental car all of the major highways from the north, south and east of the island lead to Bridgetown.

There are also 2 public bus terminals in Bridgetown, the Princess Alice Bus Terminaland the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal.  It will only cost you BDS $1.50 (approx. USD 75 cents) for a trip on the bus to Bridgetown.

As an alternative to buses, you could try a route taxi, these are small vans often called mini vans, which follow a fixed route around the island, and for the same low fare will take you to Bridgetown.

Where Are The Main Areas To Go Shopping in Bridgetown?

Broad Street

Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados Along Broad StreetBroad Street is the main street which passes right through the centre of the city. It passes by The Parliament buildings and is the definite centre of the capital's shopping area.

Broad Street is where you will not only find the island's largest department stores, shopping malls and duty free shops but also banks and business offices.   This is where you will do most of your duty free shopping in Barbados.

Shopping in Barbados along Broad Street is quite simple.  You can just stroll from one end of the street to the other end poping inside which ever stores interest you the most. It's that easy!

Swan Street

Another major shopping area in Barbados for tourists is Swan Street.  This street runs parallel to Broad Street in Bridgetown and is where shopping in Bridgetown Barbados truly becomes unique. Unlike the large department stores of Broad Street, this tiny street consists of smaller shops and local vendors selling clothing, island jewelery,  fruits, vegetables and local handcrafts.

While walking along Swan Street you should also take a few minutes to visit  Roebuck Street to the east and Tudor Street, a street that intersects Swan Street.  These two Bridgetown streets also offer a variety of local crafts for sale.

The Shopping Malls and Stores of Bridgetown Barbados

Once you have begun your day of shopping in Bridgetown Barbados the first thing you will most likely do is visit the several shopping malls along Broad Street and then take a stroll along Swan Street.  Below is a list of some of the major Barbados shopping malls and department stores in Bridgetown.

Cave Shepherd

At the top of Broad Street ( Upper Broad Street ), closest to The Parliament Buildings, you will find Cave Shepherd, the largest department store in Barbados and the island’s leading duty free stockist. Here you can buy a wide range of products, from swimwear to souvenirs, jewelery and cosmetics.

Colombian Emeralds

Bridgetown Barbados Colombian EmeraldsYou can't miss Colombian Emeralds International on Broad Street which is opposite Cave Shepherd.

They have their own store as well as a concession within Cave Shepherd. This international duty free jeweler stocks fully guaranteed and certified precious stones.

Diamonds International

Diamonds Internation Bridgetown Barbados ShoppingAs you continue west along Broad Street you will reach the upper broad street Diamonds International store. This Barbados shopping centre specialises in diamonds, fine watches, gold and silver jewelery and other gemstones.

There are two Diamonds International stores in Bridgetown, both of which are on Broad Street. The Lower Broad Street location is their flagship store stocking a tempting selection of designer jewelery and watches.


Just a few steps further and on the opposite side of Broad street is Harrison’s.  Harrison's in Barbados offers 2 locations for shopping in Bridgetown Barbados.  Both of these locations are on Broad Street where you will find luxury branded items from around the world.

Dacostas Mall

Next comes Dacostas Mall on Broad Street.  This is one of the most visited Barbados shopping malls in Bridgetown. The attractive pink facade and wrought iron of this two floor market place give it a unique island feel. Inside over 35 shops offer a range of local Bajan clothing and duty free goods.

Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland is also located right by Dacostas Mall.  For luxury branded items such as timepieces and jewelery, Little Switzerland is the place to go while shopping in Bridgetown Barbados if you are interested in brands such as Omega and Breitling.

Mall 34

Across the street from Dacostas Mall you will find  Mall 34 on Broad Street.   This shopping mall in Barbados has over twenty shops including a Best of Barbados Gift Shop, selling duty free goods, souvenirs and gifts.   

Diamonds International Lower Broad Street

Diamonds International Shopping in Bridgetown BarbadosJust past the Mall 34 and Scotia Bank you will finally reach the The Lower Broad Street location of Diamond International.  

Like I mentioned above this is their flagship store, a must visit for those lovers of high end jewelery.

Pelican Village

Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados at Pelican VillageNow just as a side note I want to mention Pelican Village.  Pelican Village is not located on Broad Street but along the Princess Alice Highway just before the Bridgetown Port and Cruise Terminal.  This is the biggest craft centre in the Caribbean and a must visit while shopping in Bridgetown Barbados.

This shopping village is dedicated to local arts and crafts. Here you will have an opportunity to watch the artists and craftspeople at work as well as purchase their creations, which include metal work, glass work and basketware, as well as paintings and hand crafted jewelery.

Shopping at The Bridgetown Harbour Cruise Terminal

Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados Cruise TerminalIf you are taking a Caribbean cruise during which Barbados is one of your destination stops the Bridgetown Harbour Cruise Terminal offers cruise passengers a slightly smaller but great selection of shopping in Bridgetown Barbados.  

Cruise ship passengers have their very own Barbados shopping mall at the Bridgetown cruise terminal. Here you can shop in air conditioned comfort, enjoying about 25 stores. There are some good deals on jewelery, china, crystal and clothing which are available at duty free prices.

Stores you should look out for include the cruise terminals very own Harrison’s, Little Switzerland and The Royal Shop, a leading duty free jewelery and watch store.

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