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Snorkeling in Barbados
"Easy Access To Our Underwater World"

Snorkeling in Barbados is a huge draw for visitors to the island and is one of the most easily accessible beach activites for you to enjoy here. The island’s coastline features a variety of sea flora and fauna that will leave you feeling as though you were in a tropical fish tank.

Some of the sea creatures you will enjoy seeing include our coral reefs, sea sponges, sea fans, barrel sponges and a colourful display of tropical fish. Of course, there is also the elusive sea creatures which everyone has so much affection for, our sea turtles.

The Caribbean Sea is pretty much crystal-clear throughout most of the year allowing you to see as deep as 95 feet year round; so the time you choose to enjoy your Barbados vacation won't have much effect on your Barbados snorkeling experience. 

Where Is The Best Snorkeling in Barbados?

There are more than two dozen snorkeling sites around the west and south coast of the island, so a two week holiday could be totally given up to this beach activity alone.

However the part of Barbados that wins hands down for the best snorkeling experiences are found in the Caribbean Sea, along the west coast of the island. This is also the ideal coast to head to if you are particularly keen on swimming with Barbados sea turtles.

Here are the top snorkeling spots on the island, on both the west and south coasts...

Best Snorkeling in Barbados• Dottins Reef

Dottins Reef is a reef located off the west coast of Barbados very near to the city of Holetown.

This Barbados reef presents excellent snorkeling opportunities for those of you who wish to enjoy the company of  sea turtles. In addition to sea turtles, you may very well also spot the formidable barracuda. 

Since this reef is located of the west coast of the island it is also situated in the very calm waters of the Caribbean Sea making it safe for everyone to enjoy.

• Bell Buoy Reef

If you are staying on the south coast of the island and also wish to go for snorkeling in Barbados then Bell Buoy Reef is going to be your best choice.  

This is a dome shaped coral reef located off the south coast of Rockley and is home to a unique eco-system of brown coral forests, as well as numerous brightly coloured fish.

The great thing about this reef is that it is very shallow and therefore you won't have to dive down deep to view it. This makes it great for beginner to intermediate snorkelers and divers.

This also allows plenty of light to penetrate the water and light up the reef allowing you to get great pictures with your waterproof camera.

View Angel Fish While Snorkeling in Barbados Some popular fish that frequent this reef include angel fish, parrot fish and blue chromis.

• Carlisle Bay

 If you would prefer to keep to the south coast but want to see shipwrecks, then you should visit Carlisle Bay instead of Bell Buoy.

Carlisle Bay is a natural harbour and now even an official marine park. This spot, specifically, has a huge collection of relics from the old ships that were common in this region over the centuries.

Cannon balls, whole cannons and ship anchors can be glimpsed here and you will gain some idea of the rum-drinking habits of all of the sailors, when you see the mountainous collection of bottles here.

See Parrot Fish While Enjoying Barbados Snorkeling• Maycocks Bay

For the very adventurous snorkeler Maycocks Bay, which is more toward the northwest of the island, has coral reefs that give the impression that they are separated by way of corridors.

This enables the enthusiastic snorkelers to glimpse down at the sea life, up to 100 feet in between.

If you are looking to dive down a little further, scuba dive that is, there are several sunken sea going vessels that will provide an eerie experience. 

You will see sea creatures that are more at home in the slightly deeper waters.

Where Can You Get Snorkeling Equipment in Barbados?

The best and easiest way to go snorkeling in Barbados is during a swimming with turtles in Barbados cruise.  Aboard these cruises you will enjoy a Bajan meal, buffet lunch or dinner, as well as go swimming with sea turtles and snorkel at a Barbados reef and shipwreck site. 

The crew aboard the cruise will supply you with all the snorkeling equipment you will need. Especially if it is your first time snorkeling in Barbados, this will be the best option for you.

The crew aboard the cruise will be PADI registered and trained in water safety and this will help provide you with extra piece of mind, so that you can go on to enjoy your Barbados snorkeling experience safely.

You can also obtain snorkeling equipment complimentary from your hotel.  Even though you will not be able to snorkel a shipwreck this way, this will allow you to view the fish and sea life living at smaller reefs nearby your hotel.

If you would prefer to purchase your own snorkeling equipment in Barbados as opposed to renting there are a variety of Barbados snorkeling and dive shops. Dive Barbados and Hightide Watersports are two such companines located on the west coast of the island.

If you’re staying on the south coast you are equally well catered for. In fact, this is the location where you’re going to find the one of the best known service providers for this equipment on the whole island, The Dive Shop Ltd. 

Hopefully I’ve provided you with some idea of where and how you can go snorkeling in Barbados.  There are numerous opportunities available on the island so you should at least give this pursuit a try as you’ll definitely won't want to waste such an ideal chance.

Few other locations in the Caribbean are going to be able to spoil you with the breathtaking and beautiful experiences that are here to be had. 

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