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The Spa Barbados Experience
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A Spa Barbados Experience is the perfect way to enjoy a very relaxing Barbados vacation.

Some of the spa services that are available on the island include massages, body wraps, facials, waxing, body sculpting as well as nail and hair services.

There is a large selection of Barbados spas to choose from with most found in the resorts and Barbados spa hotels located throughout the island.

Spas Located at Barbados Hotels

The following Barbados spas are found in some of the island's finest resorts and beach hotels.  By staying at one of these Barbados hotels you can enjoy the resort's various spa treatments.

Almond Beach Club and Spa Barbados

The Spa at the Almond Beach Club and Spa Resort in Barbados offers both health and beauty services, and features a Sea Stone Facial, which uses sea stones to restore one’s youthful glow.

There are also a number of body treatments offered at this spa in Barbados such as The Golden Goddess treatment which includes exfoliation using a dry brush and a warm gel wrap.

Last but not less you can enjoy a rejuvenating Three Seas Salt Water Bath at the Almond Spa before you surrender to one of the resort's popular massages.

Along with these spa treatments there are other services offered at this Barbados spa including waxing, hair and nail services, sauna and steam rooms.

Chakra Spa at Accra Beach Hotel & Spa

Chakra Spa BarbadosThis Barbados spa is found at the popular Accra Beach Barbados Hotel and Spa found on the beachfront of the beautiful Accra Beach, along the island's south coast.

The Chakra Spa believes that relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing should be the focus of the your spa Barbados experience.

The spa offers numerous massages; some of which are designed strictly to help you relax while others were created to improve health issues such as neck and back pain.

This spa in Barbados even offers a special massage for women who are pregnant!

In addition to their massages, the Chakra Spa in Barbados offers facials, body wraps, scrubs, manicures, pedicures, and wax therapy.

Chakra Spa has many packages for you to choose from with intriguing titles including their "Mother and Daughter Celebration", "Women are from Mars" and "Men are from Venus" specials.

You may also want to take advantage of the hotel and spa package if you are a visiting couple, as this package includes a couples massage, pedicure and body scrub for two in addition to elegant accommodations in a luxury suite at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa in Barbados.

Indulgence Spa at the Royal Westmoreland Barbados

Indulgence Spa BarbadosThe Royal Westmoreland Five Star Exclusive Resort and Luxury Community in Barbados is home to The Indulgence Spa in Barbados.

With its five multi-purpose treatment suites The Indulgence Spa awaits your rejuvenating visit.

This Barbados spa features programs that are designed for quick rejuvenation, pre-natal pampering, body sculpting as well as programs designed specifically for male guests.

Renewal and detox treatments are also offered.

The Royal Westmoreland is an exclusive retailer of the famous Elemis product line and these products are used in all of the Indulgence Spa treatments and programs.

The spa`s outdoor pool with waterfall and the Spa Cafe also have a tendency to make you think that you have truly gone to heaven. 

All and all The Indulgence Spa is the perfect spa to visit for a luxury spa Barbados experience!

The Spa at Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa in Barbados

Sugar Cane Club Hotel Spa BarbadosThe Spa at the Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa Barbados has found a way to use the products of Mother Nature to assist in the rejuvenation process.

Specializing in phytomer (plant of the sea) and fleurs (extracts of flowers) products as well as their own blend of oils, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants called Creative, The Spa at Sugar Cane Club is an experience that you will remember for a long time.

Body scrubs, facials, massages, hydrotherapy baths, body cocoons and special bridal party packages are some of the many spa services offered.

In addition to treatment rooms, the manicure room, pedicure throne and steam room, the Sugar Cane Club Spa features a restaurant and gym.

The Spa at the Sandy Lane Golf Resort and Spa

Sandy Lane Barbados SpaThe Spa at the luxurious Sandy Lane Golf Resort along the island's platinum west coast offers you your own suite with private shower, bathrooms and changing facilities. Depending on your suite, you may even have your own privately landscaped garden or hydrotherapy pool.

The treatments offered at Sandy Lane Spa Barbados are a mixture of therapies from Caribbean, Far Eastern and European cultures.

This spa in Barbados offers couples a Signature Romance Ritual, which includes a foot soak, hand and foot exfoliation, massages, body and hair oiling.

 All of this takes place in a candle lit room where you will dine on fresh fruit and sip fruit punch. This treatment is sure to put you and your significant other in the mood!

The Spa at Sandy Lane also offers treatments designed specifically for golfers such as The Golfer's Tonic, a 1 and a half hour treatment including a deep tissue massage and foot therapy.

Yin Yang Spa at the Savannah Hotel in Barbados

Yin Yang Spa BarbadosThe Yin Yang Spa in Barbados is found at The Savannah Hotel along the island's south coast and is known for its “Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments”.

Their facials are believed to improve blood circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, and relax the facial muscles all of which help to prevent premature wrinkles.

The clinic even offers a non-surgical face-lift and Endermologie, which is a treatment designed to help eliminate cellulite.

As one of the most popular Barbados spas along the south coast, The Yin Yang Spa offers special spa packages allowing you to enjoy multiple spa treatments for one set price.

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados Spas Not Located at a Barbados Hotel

Although many of the most popular Barbados spas are located in hotels on the island, there are still a few free standing spas in Barbados. One of the most frequented freestanding spas is the Suga Suga Spa.

Suga Suga Spa at Mullins Beach in St. Peter

Suga Suga Spa BarbadosThe Suga Suga Spa is a great place to enjoy a spa Barbados experience if you who choose to stay in a hotel that does not offer spa services.

The spa has five treatment rooms and a popular outside treatment area, “The Secret Garden”, which features a waterfall swimming pool and cave whirlpool.

Suga Suga Spa offers full or half day packages. The treatments are a combination of the Shiatsu, Thai, Breema, Swedish and Indonesian cultures.

Suga Suga treatments use many locally grown products and the facility features a fully air-conditioned gym equipped with an assortment of equipment.

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