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St Lawrence Gap Barbados
"Nightlife, Restaurants and Hotels All In One"

St Lawrence Gap Barbados, or quite simply just 'The Gap’ as it is referred to locally, is an ideal spot for anyone seeking some entertainment or a bit of Barbados nightlife.

In fact, it is this main stretch of street (1.6 km / 1 mile long) that is home to everything from restaurants and pubs; right through to open-air reggae clubs and shops.

It is a case of "You name it, You’ll find it".

Where is St. Lawrence Gap?

St Lawrence Gap Barbados is situated along the south west coast of the island in the parish of Christ Church, just to the seaward side of Highway 7 or "The South Coast Road".

It is a mere 9 km or 6 miles from the Grantley Adams International Airport and a 15 to 20 minute drive from Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados.

It is very easy for you to find your way to St Lawrence Gap during your Barbados vacation as there is a regular public transport link between the major south coast town of Oistins and the capital of Bridgetown.

This bus and minivan route runs along Highway 7, taking you right by the entrance to St Lawrence Gap Barbados.
The south coast is altogether very laid back with a typically Caribbean atmosphere and this is most certainly something St Lawrence Gap exudes.

Walking along The Gap Barbados, you feel completely comfortable and at home and the atmosphere can become quite electrifying, especially as the sun goes down and people get ready to party.

But the best thing about St Lawrence Gap in Barbados is the fact that it is far from being as tacky as some other Caribbean destinations you may think of.  You can certainly have fun here without the commercialism of Tourism being in your face.

This is no doubt reflected through the fact that tourists and locals alike aim for this area while enjoying each other’s company, partying and dinning together!


A Map Of St Lawrence Gap Barbados

To give you a fell for the way St Lawrence Gap is layed out here is a detailed map of the area.

This map is one of the many detailed city maps created by PocketFlyers, creator and distrubutor of a wide range of pocket size Barbados flyers for visiting tourists.  So be sure to pickup some of these flyers from one of their islandwide boxes.

St Lawrence Gap Barbados Map

To zoom in on the map just click on it, and a larger version will open up in a new window.  I encourage you to use it as a reference as I go through the various attractions and nightlife activites available along this Barbados strip.

What Will You Find Along St Lawrence Gap Barbados?

The Gap is home to dozens of restaurants and caf├ęs where you will have a choice of everything from your favourite English fare; to the more local Bajan specialities. Which incidentally must be tried whilst you are here.

There are also a number of bars and clubs here and most of them are open during the day for a sneaky afternoon drink, or even the wee morning hours for that matter!

There are also numerous hotels and villas along the strip giving you the option of staying as close to this Barbados entertainment district as you possibly can.  This is especially ideal for the young travellers in their late teens to early thirties.

• Hotels in St Lawrence Gap Barbados

If you do decide to choose St Lawrence Gap as your Barbados vacation spot there are a variety of hotels varying in prices and quality to choose from.  The majority of these hotels in St Lawrence Gap are beachfront hotels situated on St Lawrence Bay.

The Beach At Escape At The Gap Hotel BarbadosHere is a quick list of some of these resorts below:

• Divi Southwinds
• Dover Beach Hotel
• Escape At The Gap
• Meridian Inn
• Ocean 11 Apartment Hotel
• Rostrevor Hotel
• South Gap Hotel
• Southern Palms
• Time Out At The Gap
• Yellowbird Hotel

• The Nightlife and Bars in St Lawrence Gap

For the nightlife along this street, you will find that any night is a good night to pay a visit to The Gap Barbados.  However, Thursday nights tend to have the better offers, with "Buy One One, Get One Free" offers on drinks abound.

Cafe Sol in St Lawrence Gap BarbadosThis is the night when many locals head down to St. Lawrence Gap to join in on the entertainment, fun and Barbados nightlife.

The two most popular Barbados nightlife venues in St. Lawrence Gap are Jumbies and McBride's Irish Pub, with both offering you live music and drinks specials.  Cafe Sol, a margarita bar, is also a hot spot offering great cocktails and drink specials throughout the week.

The reggae lovers will enjoy a visit to The Reggae Lounge, a mostly outdoors reggae venue! You cannot come to the Caribbean without spending at least one night of your holiday dancing under the stars to music that is so quintessentially Caribbean!

The Ship Inn in St Lawrence Gap BarbadosFor those of you who are missing the comforts of the more traditional British pub there is The Ship Inn which will provide a welcome resting place for you to have dinner and some drinks, catch a sports game and then follow it up with some live music and dancing.

Time Out At the Gap, is a touch further south towards the end of St Lawrence Gap Barbados and is an ideal opportunity to soak in some jazz, rhythm and blues music when on vacation in Barbados.

Last but not least, for the Karaoke lovers, the Whistling Frog is the place to be.  This is a more laid back bar at the south end of the street.  This end of The Gap Barbados is further away from the more popular bars and restaurants providing a very relaxing environment.

• Restaurants in St Lawrence Gap

The Restaurant At Southsea in St Lawrence Gap in BarbadosRestaurants in St.Lawrence Gap can get quite busy, especially the more popular ones, so it is best to book in advance, especially on the weekends.

Three of the nicest restaurants that I recommend you visit in St Lawrence Gap Barbados are The Restaurant at Southsea, Josef's Restaurant and Pisces Seafood Restaurant.

The Restaurant at Southsea Barbados is an award winning, 4 Diamond Triple A, Barbados restaurant in St Lawrence Gap that is located right along the waters edge with outstanding service, which I believe to be one of the best restaurants in Barbados.  

Pisces Restaurant in St Lawrence Gap Josef's Restaurant is found across the street from the irish pub, McBride's, and is one of the finest dining experiences in Barbados fusing Caribbean and Asian Flavors.  

You can't miss Pisces Seafood Restaurant as it hugs the water's edge of the sandy bay located at the entrance to St Lawrence Gap.  At this restaurant you can enjoy a variety of seafood with a distinct Caribbean flavour while surrounded by lush indoor gardens.

• Shopping in St Lawrence Gap

Moving on to the shopping opportunities in The Gap. There are a myriad of different shops found along this strip.

The Chattel House Shopping Village is a delightful retail therapy venue where you will find a number of stores all in the same convenient location. Many of these shops sell very unique souvenirs that you will not find anywhere else.

Best Of Barbados Gift Shop in The Gap BarbadosThe Best of Barbados Gift Shop across the street at the Southern Palms Hotel will provide you with the ideal opportunity to purchase charming Bajan souvenirs and you’ll be delighted to take some of these back as gifts for your loved ones.

The atmosphere of The Gap Barbados comes alive even more, through the fact that there are a number of reputable street vendors to be found along the length of the street, all competing for your tourist dollars.  

This is your chance to buy that "Conch Shell", authentic Caribbean wood carving or necklace you always wanted.

This truly does add to the authenticity of the place and it certainly helps to make St Lawrence Gap Barbados a unique entertainment district, that always aims to impress its many visitors.

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