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St Peter Barbados
"A Parish Filled With Tranquility"

St Peter Barbados is a parish located in the north of the Caribbean island of Barbados and is the only parish adjoined to the most northern parish of St. Lucy. St. Peter runs from west to east and is situated above the parishes of St. James and St. Andrew.

St Peter BarbadosThe second largest town on the island of Barbados, Speightstown (pronounced “Spites-town”), is situated along the western quarter of St. Peter.

This was one of the earliest settlements on the island in the 1600s and was a small fishing village.

The town then became a busy port during the early British colonial history of Barbados, with ships transporting sugar leaving for the British Isles.

Speightstown is steeped in the early history of the colonial period, being well known as the little port that Admiral Sir George Ayscue could not conquer during the Civil War between Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads and the Royalists.

Today, Speightstown is one of the busiest areas on the whole island, with residents and visitors of St Peter Barbados flocking there on the weekends to enjoy a range of activities and attractions as well as doing some shopping.


Highlights of Staying in St Peter Barbados

Staying in the parish of St Peter Barbados offers a relaxed and peaceful experience.

It is notably a quieter area of Barbados, offering tranquillity instead of the hubbub found in more southern areas of the island and in particular the neighbouring parish of St. James.

This however means that it is further to travel to many of the attractions and the capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown, which is located in the parish of St. Michael.

The nightlife in St. Peter is more subdued than other areas of the island as well, but St. Peter is the perfect parish to opt for if you are looking for tranquillity and a location that is away from the areas of mass tourism.

What the parish of St. Peter can offer the visitor is some of the most wonderful beaches to be found on the island of Barbados. The beaches here are amazing, comprised of the whitest sand and the calm, azure-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.


The Beaches of St Peter Barbados

Mullins Beach is perhaps one of the most visited beaches on the west coast of Barbados and can be found a few kilometres south of Speightstown. Mullins Beach is a great beach in St Peter for simply relaxing in the subtropical climate, although there is a variety of watersports available there.

St Peter Barbados Heywoods BeachTo the south of Speightstown visitors to Barbados can also enjoy the exceptional Cobblers Cove. This is a small bay that has pristine white sand and beautifully clear water. Perfect for a range of watersports, Cobblers Cove is a very attractive beach which is enjoyed by many visitors to the island but it still manages to retain a peaceful atmosphere.

Less than 2 kilometres north of Speightstown is the idyllic Heywoods Beach. This is one of the widest beaches in Barbados and is lined with trees along its stretch of distinctive golden yellow sand.

Heywoods Beach is the perfect choice for swimming and is suitable for children thanks to its collection of small enclosed rock pools. Watersports are also on offer along this stretch of beach.


Accommodation in St. Peter Barbados

Port St. Charles is a luxury residential marina and community located within walking distance of Speightstown and a thirty-minute drive from the capital Bridgetown.

Port St Charles Marina BarbadosPort St. Charles is made up of luxury villas and apartments that can either be rented for the short term or long term. The marina also has six berths that allow yachts of up to 250 feet to dock.

There are lots of amenities and facilities for visitors to enjoy at this luxurious location including tennis courts, hairdressing salon, exercise room and the yacht club.

Located at Cobblers Cove Bay is the beautiful Cobblers Cove Hotel. This accommodation has been designed in the style of an old English Country House and offers excellent views and amenities to make visitors feel special.

Located near one of the quietest beaches in the parish of St. Peter, visitors can enjoy facilities such as tennis or jet skiing. Cobblers Cove Hotel also has its own wellness centre offering a range of relaxing treats such as massages and facials. Guests at the hotel are treated to a variety of entertainment including live music from small local bands.

Almond Beach Village Resort & Spa is one of the most luxurious accommodation choices in the parish of St. Peter. It lies close to Heywoods Beach and has over 32 acres to be explored and enjoyed by its guests.

As well as the close proximity to one of the parish’s favourite beaches with opportunities for sunbathing and watersports, visitors to Almond Beach Village Resort can enjoy activities such as tennis, volleyball, billiards and squash.

The spa offers a range of treatments including saunas, salt scrubs and body wraps. There are kids clubs provided at the resort and entertainment includes a piano bar and a nightclub.

St Peter Barbados Little Good HarbourA few minutes north of Port St. Charles is the small fishing community of Shermans where you will find the accommodation of Little Good Harbour.

A collection of luxurious cottages, this is one of the last family-run businesses of Barbados situated on the beautiful west coast of the island. The cottages have been built in a traditional Bajan chattel style, set amongst lush green vegetation and tropical gardens.

Little Good Harbour is clustered close together around a central swimming pool giving it a community feel. This location is the perfect place for a peaceful holiday in the parish of St Peter Barbados, with stunning views of the Caribbean sea and the opportunity to see local boat-builders working on the beach, thrown in for free.

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