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Television in Barbados
"What TV stations are there in Barbados?"


Television in Barbados consists of one local tv station (CBC TV Barbados) and various cable and satellite television networks.

Most of the hotels and accomodations in Barbados are equipped with the local cable television network Multi Choice TV, the satellite system Direct TV Latin America or an alternative satellite system.

Before booking your accommodation feel free to enquire on which television system your room will come equipped with.

CBC TV Barbados

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CBC TV Barbados is the one and only local Barbados television station operated by The Caribbean Broadcast Corporation (CBC).

This television station is located on the television channel 8 or channel 108 on the local cable television network known as Multi Choice TV.

The local Barbados news is aired on CBC TV every week day at 7:00 pm.

After this news many popular tv series are aired such as Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Official site:

Multi Choice TV / MCTV

Vacation in Barbados

MCTVIt is very common for accommodations in Barbados to be equipped with Multi Choice TV.

Multi Choice TV, or MCTV as it is commonly referred to, is a digital broadcast television system offering many popular international channels such as CNN, BBC and FOX NEWS.

This Barbados television service is also operated by The Caribbean Broadcast Corporation.

The local channel, CBC Barbados TV, is located on channel 108, where you can stay up to date on the latest island news. 

There is also a very good visitor channel called Discover Barbados TV The Holiday Channel on channel 109.

I recommend you tune into this station as it has invaluable Barbados tourist information including details on numerous Barbados tourist attractions. This channel is available at most hotels throughout the island

Please note: Discover Barbados TV no longer exists and has since been replaced with the new channel, The Holiday Channel, provided by the Antilles Broadcast Network Inc.

Here is a list of the available Multi Choice TV stations:

Multichoice TV Barbados

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