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Tourist Information Barbados
"What must I know before travelling to Barbados?"

Here is some important tourist information Barbados wants you to know before travelling to the island……

• Do I need a passport for Barbados? Do I need a tourist visa for Barbados?

Do I need to have a passport to travel to Barbados?

Who needs a tourist visa for entry into Barbados?

All visitors to the island must know the entry requirements for Barbados as well as the Barbados visa requirements in order to answer these questions.

There is nothing worse than planning your trip, flying here to then be denied entry to this amazing island.

• What items can I bring in to the country?

There are also many items which are prohibited from being brought into the country. For a full list of prohibited and restricted items see the Barbados customs requirements .

Tourist Information Barbados • How long can I stay in Barbados for without a visa?

Visitors are allowed to stay on the island for up to six months without a visa.

If you love Barbados so much that six months isn’t enough time for you, just contact the Immigration Department (Tel: 246-426-1011) to extend your stay.

Here is some more tourist information Barbados vacationers should know…

• What is the drinking age in Barbados?

Just because Barbados is an island in the Caribbean and we love to drink our rum doesn’t mean underage drinking is widely accepted or encouraged!!….We do have a drinking age here!

The legal age for drinking in Barbados is 18 years. This is also the age requirement for entry to most night clubs and bars in Barbados.

Alcohol is sold island wide in all major supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations and can be purchased at any time of day.

Drinking alcohol on the street or on the beach is legal however be sure to clean up after yourself to help keep our beaches as beautiful as you find them.

Drinking while driving is not legal!! It is legal to have unopened alcohol in your vehicle but the driver must be sober.

• What drugs can I bring to Barbados, purchase in Barbados or use while in Barbados ?

All narcotic drugs are illegal in Barbados including marijuana. The import, export, sale and use of all illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

• What should I wear while I’m in Barbados?

Barbados is a tropical island where some afternoon temperatures can reach the mid 30s °C (86°F). Therefore come prepared to dress casually……by that I mean to bring your shorts and sandals.

However I don’t recommend shopping in your swimsuit, bareback and barefoot after you have just been to the beach. Most stores require you to wear a shirt and sandals to get service.

There are many restaurants and open-air grills where shorts and sandals are acceptable.

If you are going to a fancier restaurant for dinner it is recommended that you wear nicer attire. This could simply be jeans and a nice polo shirt.

Important Note: Camouflage clothing is strictly prohibited from being worn or imported into Barbados.

• Which side of the road do you drive on in Barbados?

In Barbados we drive on the LEFT hand side of the road.

• Can I work while on vacation in Barbados?

All visitors are prohibited to work in Barbados without a work permit.

Learn more about getting a Barbados Visa - Tourist Information Barbados

• Is Barbados a safe place to vacation?

We are proud to have a lower crime rate than most of our neighbouring Caribbean countries. Regardless general safety precautions should be taken.

If you are a U.S citizen traveling to the island, you can learn more information about the US Embassy in Barbados here.

• Why should you visit the island of Barbados?

Find out why you should become a Barbados tourist and learn more about the Barbados Tourism Industry!

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