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Barbados Weather
"What Is The Weather In Barbados Like?"

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So you are wondering what the weather in Barbados will be like while you are here...

Well to be frank, you have nothing to worry about because the weather in Barbados is great!

Situated just 13°N of the equator Barbados experiences tropical weather all year round.

Temperatures are generally in the 27 °C (80°F) to 30°C (86°F) range throughout the year and the current Barbados weather forecast is....

However don't worry about being hot and bothered all day as you will be constantly cooled by the north-east trade winds blowing off the Atlantic Ocean.

Plus...if you get too hot you can obviously just jump in the ocean!

Barbados Temperature

During the summer months (June to October) Barbados does experience an increase in rainfall. This is due to the development of tropical waves and hurricanes off the west coast of Africa which travel over the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean and North America.

No need to fear though..these usually pass well north of Barbados. The last time we experienced a hurricane was 1955..more than 50 years ago.

The summer tropical rainfalls come in short bouts and due to the higher temperatures at this time of year they are welcomed with open arms by locals and tourists alike!

Barbados Rainfall

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