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Wedding Venues in Barbados
"Wedding Locations Throughout The Island"

There are virtually no restrictions on where weddings can take place on this island, so you will have no shortage of wedding venues in Barbados to choose from when it comes to planning your special day. 

Lets look at some wedding venues in Barbados for your ceremony....

A Barbados Beach Wedding -  Say I Do With Your Toes In The Sand

Beach Wedding Venues in BarbadosBarbados is famed for its miles of beautiful beaches, so this is a natural choice of wedding venue and typically the first option visiting couples enquire about. 

Beach weddings in Barbados regularly take place at Foul Bay, Carlisle Bay and Bottom Bay. 

Foul Bay is a long and open stretch of beach away from the major resorts in the south east parish of St.Philip. Its secluded location and wonderful ocean and cliff views make for a memorable wedding ceremony. 

Bottom Bay is also located in St.Philip along the south east coast of Barbados.  Many couples like this wedding venue in Barbados as it is surrounded by high coral cliffs and dotted with tall palm trees. Palm trees are always a wonderful additive to any tropical Barbados wedding.

If you would prefer to wed on the south west coast of the island Carlisle Bay is a popular choice because of its beautiful yachts and sunset back drop and close proximity to the wide range of resorts along the south coast.

Ceremonies on the beach usually take place under an arch of flowers, with your wedding guests looking on. Sometimes a marquee can also be erected on the beach. For the wedding reception after the marriage ceremony has taken place it is usual to head off to your hotel, villa or restaurant with your guests to celebrate.

A Barbados Catamaran Wedding - Say I Do Aboard A Private Catamaran

Catamaran Barbados weddingWith the clear and tranquil Caribbean seas surrounding this island you can choose to have truly unique wedding in Barbados aboard a private catamaran.  Of all the wedding venues in Barbados, a wedding floating in the ocean is definitely one to write home about!

This Barbados wedding venue will generally provide you with 2 options for your ceremony, a morning ceremony or afternoon ceremony.  

In addition to your wedding ceremony, your catamaran cruise will typically include serving you and your guests with drinks and canap├ęs and lounging about on the sunny deck.  

Generally the best option is the afternoon catamaran Barbados wedding since you and your guest can enjoy a romantic sunset cruise once the ceremony is over.

However one thing you must remember when planning a catamaran wedding in Barbados is your guest list since these catamarans can only seat about 50 guests.

If you would like to arrange this type of wedding in Barbados their are several cruise tour operators who charter catamarans for wedding ceremonies, so you or your wedding planner can liaise directly with the boat owner to ensure that your day turns out exactly as you wish!  

An Underwater Barbados Wedding - Say I Do Aboard The Atlantis Submarine

Barbados Submarine WeddingThe Atlantis Submarine is one of the most well renowned tourist attractions for visitors to Barbados. The submarine, which takes passengers to see the coral reef just off the west coast is also one of the most exciting and original wedding venues in Barbados.  

Setting off from Bridgetown, you will be taken by boat to board the submarine where the celebrations will begin for your big day. You and your guests will enjoy the spectacular views of the marine life and coral whilst your ceremony takes place.  

Due to the size of the submarine this Barbados wedding location is ideal for a maximum of 40 guests.

A Luxury Villa Barbados Wedding - Say I Do In  A Private Luxury Villa 

Barbados is home to some wonderful private villas some of which are available to hire as a your Barbados wedding venue. 

Now these types of wedding venues in Barbados are ideal if you want exclusivity and luxury due to their individually designed furnishings and decor can provide that really special touch in a secluded location.  You and your wedding guests will celebrate your special day in style. This is exactly what the actress Liv Tyler chose for her Barbados wedding in 2003.   

There are a number of tour operators who offer private villa rentals as wedding venues in Barbados. Alternatively a wedding coordinator will be able to help you find one that is just right for your tropical island wedding.

A Beachfront Hotel Wedding in Barbados - Say I Do In An Oceanview Gazebo

Barbados Wedding VenuesMost of the beachfront hotels in Barbados have their own wedding planners and coordinators, who will make all the arrangements for you, leaving you free to enjoy your day with your guests. These weddings in Barbados typically take place in the hotel's oceanfront wedding gazebo.

A great thing about a beachfront hotel wedding is that you can select from a wide variety of Barbados wedding packages offered by the beach resorts in Barbados.  These wedding packages usually can be customized to suit your personal wedding requirements. This makes Barbados beach hotels one of the easiest and most accommodating wedding venues in Barbados.

Barbados beach hotels range from small and intimate to large and are filled with facilities so take your time, you will be sure to find a wedding location that is just right for you.

A Barbados Traditional Church Wedding - Say I Do In A Barbados Church

Church Wedding Venues in BarbadosIf none of these unique tropical wedding venues in Barbados suit you, a typical religious church wedding ceremony can be arrange. 

There are some 70 religions represented on the island, and most of them are happy to welcome visitors who would like to marry provided you comply with certain religious wedding requirements first.  The most popular churches to hosts visitor weddings are the many Anglican and Roman Catholic churches throughout the island.

If you will be staying on the west coast of the island then St.James Anglican Church is a common choice amongst visitors.  This is the oldest Anglican Church on the island with its beautiful coral stone architecture.  It is also perfectly located in the city of Holetown near to most of the hotels along the west coast.

*Civil ceremonies are conducted by a magistrate from the district court of the parish where your wedding venue is located. 

Other Wedding Locations in Barbados To Choose From....

A Historical Barbados Wedding - Say I Do In A Plantation House or Old British Home

St.Nicholas Abbey Barbados Wedding Location

There is a wide choice of historical buildings including old sugar plantation houses that are available as wedding venues in Barbados. These plantation homes and old British homes can cater to a larger number of wedding guests as compared to a catamaran wedding or submarine wedding.  

For a historical Barbados wedding there is the St.Nicholas Abbey. This 17th century historic brick and limestone home was built by the British settlers in 1658 and offers visiting wedding couples beautiful gardens to host their wedding.  There is even a rum distillery filled with barrels of rum!

There are also 2 very popular plantation houses where you can get married in Barbados.  These are The Fisher Pond Great House and The Sunbury Great House.

Fisher Pond Great House on the east coast of the island is owned by John and Rain Chandler who have been coordinating and planning weddings in the beautiful gardens and antique interior of their lovely home for visitors and locals for many years.

The Sunbury Great House is a 300 year old plantation house offering spacious grounds with beautiful mahogany woods and landscaped gardens.  They even offer the services of their own in house wedding coordinators and wedding planners who will take care of all the Barbados wedding requirements.

An Underground Wedding in Barbados - Say I Do in A Barbados Cave

Cave Wedding Venues in BarbadosAnother very unique choice of wedding venues in Barbados is in the famous Harrison's Cave. This limestone coral cave is a spectacular network of underground caverns and pools, and is known as one of the seven wonders of Barbados.  

Choosing to wed in this cave gives you a beautiful backdrop of stalagmites and stalactites as well as underground waterfalls.

A  Barbados Nature Wedding - Say I Do Surrounded by Flowers  and Exotic Plants

For a nature wedding in a tropical garden there are 3 options to choose from.  The first is the Flower Forest where you can get married whilst surrounded by 50 acres of exotic blooms. Your second option is Orchid World with their lovely wedding gazebo with a backdrop of purple and pink flowers.  Andromeda Gardens is also another option with its six acre botanical garden paradise overlooking the east coast of Barbados. 

No matter what your idea of a dream wedding might be, you are sure to be able to make it happen in Barbados. There are several professional wedding planners in Barbados, who will be able to help you decide on the perfect venue for your special day.  

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