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Where is Barbados Located?
"How To Find Barbados On The World Map So You Can Travel Here!"

Where is Barbados located on the world map?  Well..If you want to vacation in Barbados, the first thing to find out is definitely to find out where the island is located. But don’t the time you are finished reading this you will know much more than just that!

Barbados is a pretty small Caribbean island. It's only 166 square miles, or 430 square km in size!  It's a great vacation island as it's beautiful, sunny and offers some the nicest beaches compares to some of the other islands in the Caribbean. And that's got to be great news if you're planning a trip there!


Where is Barbados Located On A Map?

Once you know where Barbados is, it's easy to pick it out on a world map, but if you have no idea it can be pretty difficult due to the size of the island.

If you've got a map of the world, or a world atlas, in front of you take a look at South America. At the top of South America, pretty much in the center, is Venezuela. Just off the north coast of Venezuela is the island of Trinidad. Trinidad and its tiny neighbour, Tobago, are the southernmost of the Caribbean Islands.

A little further north of them and to the east you will see the small island of Barbados, which is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands. The nearest islands to Barbados are St Vincent and the Grenadines, great to cruise to by yacht if you are on vacation in Barbados.

Where is Barbados Located


Where is Barbados Located From Where You Live?

Have a look at this list and see how far the Barbados island is from where you live, or where you want to travel to or from. You may be surprised at some of the distances!

Nearby Caribbean Islands

St Vincent and the Grenadines (Kingstown) :- 176km / 109 miles

St Lucia (Castries) :- 179km / 111 miles

Grenada (St George's) : - 257km / 160 miles

Trinidad & Tobago (Port of Spain) : - 342km / 213 miles

Jamaica (Kingston) :- 1,193km / 1,036 miles

Cuba (Havana) :- 2,648km / 1,645 miles

You'll see from this list that many of the neighbouring islands in the Caribbean are really close to Barbados which makes it a great Caribbean destination for sailing vacations around the area.

The Americas

Venezuela (Caracas) :- 851km / 529 miles

Canada (Toronto) :- 3,878km / 2,410 miles

Canada (Montreal) :- 3,827km / 2,378 miles

U.S.A. (New York) :- 3,365km / 2,091 miles

U.S.A. (Miami) :- 1,599km / 1,389 miles

U.S.A. (Dallas) :- 4,357km / 2,707 miles

Brazil (Sao Paolo) :- 4,295km / 2,669 miles

Clearly all these destinations, other than maybe Miami, are too far to travel to anyway other than by airplane, unless you're a real adventurer!


United Kingdom (London) :- 6,782km / 4,214 miles

United Kingdom (Manchester) :- 6,697km / 4,161 miles

France (Paris) :- 6,878km / 4,274 miles

The Other Side Of The World…

Australia (Sydney) :- 10,035km / 8,720 miles

Right, that's the distances. Some of them are huge, aren't they? But distances are just numbers on a screen and they're pretty meaningless. Let’s take a look at the really important travel information! For example where can you get direct flights from these countries and how long do they take? That's much more useful, right?


Direct Flights to Bridgetown, Barbados

If you want to travel between different Caribbean islands by airplane, then the three airlines you'll need to check out are Caribbean Airlines, LIAT and British Airways. British Airways fly from both Tobago (50 minutes) and Grenada (52 minutes).

Grenada to Barbados flights are also available from LIAT, who also offer flights from Trinidad & Tobago (57 minutes), Antigua (90 minutes), Dominica (1 hour), Georgetown, Guyana (2 hours), and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (40 minutes). Plenty of reasons for island hopping during your Barbados vacation right there! Caribbean Airlines also add flights from Kingston, Jamaica (2 hours 35 minutes) and an alternative option for Trinidad & Tobago to your itinerary.

So traveling around the Caribbean is pretty simple from Bridgetown, Barbados!
If you are traveling from farther away then there are a number of other options and airlines available.

From the U.S.A. flights from Dallas are operated by American Airlines and are just 5 hours 45 minutes. American Airlines also operate flights out of Miami (3 hours 35 minutes) and New York (4 hours 41 minutes). You can also take a flight with JetBlue if you are traveling from New York.

From Canada the only direct flights are out of Toronto. They are operated by Air Canada and Westjet and are approximately 5 hours 14 minutes in duration.

From the U.K, you can fly with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic from London, or Virgin Atlantic from Manchester. The flight time is approximately 8 hours 40 minutes.
The only other direct flights to Bridgetown are from Sao Paulo in Brazil, operated by Gol. The flights are a reasonable 5 hours 40 minutes.


Easy To Reach, Hard To Leave

You can find Barbados on a map now, and you know where you can travel from. Now nothing will stop you from getting a ticket to visit the most eastern island in the Caribbean, except maybe the thought that you may not want to leave once you get here…

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